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Latin America enjoys mobile telephone boom

Latin America’s mobile telephone market is performing strongly, with mobile subscriptions penetration totalled 88.2% of the population. Additionally, there are 4.2 mobile subscriptions with access to data communications at broadband speeds per 100 inhabitants.

And there is room for expansion mainly due to Latin America’s growing population. Also, the launch of 3G and mobile broadband services has increased demand for mobile subscriptions. Mobile broadband is particularly desirable in areas with no or limited access to cable internet services.

The top mobile countries in Latin America

Country Population in 2009
(in millions)
GDP per capita
in 2008(US $)
subscriptions in 2009
Mobile subscriptions
per 100 population
Ratio of mobile to
fixed telephone lines
Broadband subscriptions
per 100 population
Brazil 194 8,208 173,959 90% 4.2 : 1 8%
Mexico 110 10,023 83,528 76% 4.3 : 1 9%
Colombia 46 5,415 42,160 92% 5.6 : 1 5%
Argentina 40 8,280 51,891 129% 5.3 : 1 9%
Peru 29 4,424 24,700 85% 8.3 : 1 3%
Venezuela 29 11,386 28,124 98% 4.1 : 1 7%
Chile 17 10,091 16,450 97% 4.6 : 1 10%
USA 315 45,769 298,404 95% 1.9 : 1 27%
UK 61.57 43,321 80,376 130% 2.4 : 1 30%

Source: IYU ICT Statistics Database

Looking ahead, the predictions also seem very positive:

Social network  and auction sites (i.e. Ebay) usage via mobile rises everyday with more people buying smarphones. Currently, in Brazil, 10 percent of mobile phones owned are smarthphones, which is quite high according to Nielsen data report.

Latin Americans love to text – about 200 billion mobile messages were sent in 2009. 

By 2020, the largest mobile markets in Latin America will be Brazil, with 259.0 million subscriptions, Mexico with 135.4 million and Colombia with 61.1 million

Despite the strong growth potential, reflecting reviving economic growth, improving income levels and deals targeted to attract low-income consumers, campaigns using this media channel are very low.


The rise and rise of smartphones

A nationally representative survey (Mobile User Survey 2010 by Enders Analysis) of 1,000 UK adults were surveyed by telephone over the period 26-28 March 2010, revealing very interesting results.

UK handset sales are likely to continue to rise, with intention to replace in the next 12 months rising from 32% in 2009 to 35% in 2010. Nokia remains the UK’s leading handset brand, but its share fell to 40% from 44% last year, and Apple increased its market share in 2010 to 6%.

In terms of intended next handset manufacturer brand, Nokia held growth, but again the main gainers were the iPhone and Blackberry, with the iPhone’s share moving to 11% from 4% last year, both gaining share amongst O2 customers and the new operators to offer the handset now the O2 exclusivity has ended

Smartphone data usage is consistently high across gender, age and socio-economic group, with little of the usage drop-off seen from traditional handsets and non-smartphone touchscreens. Demographic trends show overall data usage ends up being pretty flat across the 16 to 34 age range.

Unsurprisingly smartphones are used more for data services than compact models, but more surprisingly:

–Android and similar device owners use data even more than iPhone owners, although they do not download apps as much

–Nokia’s flagship N-Series and E-Series handsets have far lower data usage than other smartphones, and their other S60 handsets have lower usage still (albeit at least better than other non-smartphone touchscreens)

– Handsets that have touchscreens but do not otherwise qualify as smartphones (semi-smartphones) still have twice the data usage of traditional form factors