Declining Nokia could well be back in the limelight announcing the introduction of NFC capabilities to all their future handsets. But is this yet merely another Hail Mary play for the once Supergiant Scandies or will it pay off dividends?

“What’s the point?” I hear you say. I mean you’re right. NFC its hardly a standard today is it, it’ll never catch on….pfft. “Its just as dumb a move as say, you know, teaming up with Microsoft to make a mobile phone, or creating an Ovi Store that no one uses….And our survey says EHHH OHHH”

Don’t forget however, the once Wellie manufacturer was the great illuminator of that popular game called Snake, not to mention Xpress-On covers that could make your phone look like a packet of cigarettes..

“And now look where they are, second fiddle in the smartphone market, declining profitability and loss of market share. Quite a bum note. You can almost see Jobs writhing around in laughter”

But surely he owes everything to Nokia?

Remember the indestructible 3310, that Matrix phone with the pop out slider, the one with the torch (ok now that wasn’t so great), the world’s first WAP phone the 7710…or even the first Smartphone, the Communicator. I had them all, just like every iPod iteration imaginable; and spent a small fortune just to have them sit now worthlessly in the mausoleum that is my desk draw.

Seriously though what I’m alluding to is simple. Nokia changed everything; and we wanted to be part of it at every step. They set the innovation barrier so high in the 90s, I could remember literally begging for an unseemly Union Jack veneered communication device to show off to my friends, to be one of the it crowd.

“Pathetic isn’t it..

What do Finns know anyway about mobile phones?” Obviously alot duh. Its not all just deer meat and cranberry or blondes in hot tubs that keeps those lab technicians occupied on those cold wintery nights..

I mean their latest NFC gadgets are really quite special. And although we’re toying with the idea of global NFC mobile payment roll out, its not going to happen any time soon and they know this.

Nokia have cottoned on cleverly that NFC can be used in other ways and true to form they are just as ground breaking as they were when I was growing up.

Check out these vids and decide for yourself, the possibilities are somewhat endless…