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Although we have recently talked about mobile payment , it does sometimes still feel like it belongs to the future.However, I think that it is important to understand that it is coming a lot faster than we expect it, and will soon become part of our everyday live.We have already seen examples of companies such as Starbuck and Tesco  who have successfully implemented mobile payment methods using QR codes or NFC technology, while other companies such as Coca Cola are on the verge of launching their offering

The infographic below produced by Gplus paints a rather positive picture of mobile payment growth, and explore some of the most known payment methods such as : Google Wallet , ISIS, Visa Wallet and Serve.

Mobile payment

What are your views on mobile payment, do you believe in a mass adoption or just see it as a trend?


Google has officially unveiled its new NFC payment service, which goes by the name of Google Wallet.

Google wallet

If your geeky side is a bit more developed than the average human, you must have been as excited as we were this week when Google gave a demo in the US of Google Wallet.

This new payment service from the search giant which uses Near field communication technology (same technology used for your Oyster card) is actually a free app that can be downloaded on NFC capable Android phones and which allows you to Tap to Pay wherever MasterCard PayPass is accepted.

Google reported that some of the great advantages of this new service are :

  • Faster payment transaction
  • Much more secured payment
  • Better shopping experience
  • Possibility to sync Google Wallet with Google offers (the company’s deal of the day service)

Google wallet really appears as being a serious innovation that we should keep an eye on at several levels. From a technological/user perspective, because the technology is already existing, it will be quiet easy in the near future to replace all our membership, credit, office access cards, as well as boarding passes, ID, tickets, etc…by this type of service. From a merchant perspective, it is ultimately an increase in terms of footfall and purchase thanks to this carefree new service as well as a wide range of new targeted promotional options.

The video below will tell you more about the overall excitement around Google Wallet.