Baidu – China’s largest Search Engine, with over 75% SoV – is said to be very close to unveiling its long awaited mobile software platform, which could accelerate the process of sidelining Google,  in the Chinese smartphone experience. Google had to exit the market last year over a censorship controversy, allowing Baidu to dominate even more.

Now the threat to Google is now expanding beyond China, as Baidu is looking to expand its services abroad: It is being reported that the Chinese search giant  has signed a deal with Microsoft to power its English-language search results, serving a market that currently numbers 450 million Internet users and quickly growing.

The new relationship will apparently mean that English-language searches entered into Baidu’s engine will automatically trigger Bing results. At the moment, an English term entered into Baidu’s main search window yields results in Chinese.

It will be interesting to see how and if this relationship gets played out on the mobile front. This alliance could be deepened over time, and strengthen Windows Phone 7 against Google’s Android.

Watch this space!