‘Android Phones outsold iPhones for the first time in early 2010’ and this is being reflected in the ad requests for one of the US’s top mobile networks, Millennial Media.

Millennial claim to reach about 80% of the US mobile phone carrying population and 46% of all their ad requests are being generated by Android.

iOS is still the second highest at 32% while RIM are far behind at 16%. This isn’t surprising as Android can run across a number of manufacturers and is increasing in demand whilst Apple remains steady with 21% Market share of the smartphone market.

Some are putting these results down to the popularity of the ad supported model on Android over paid for apps, others, the increase in the amount of Android devices available. Either way, in terms of operating devices it’s becoming more and more of a two horse race..

Full article: http://mashable.com/2011/01/13/android-surpasses-iphon/