“More and more customers are using their smartphones as their mobile wallets” says Brady Brewer

Starbucks Card Mobile for iPhone and Blackberry lets users pay for their coffee by holding up the 2-D bar code on their smartphone to the scanner at the counter. The application allows customers to manage and reload their Starbucks Cards as well.

The aim is not only to get customers to trade in their physical Starbucks cards for the digital version, it’s also a time-saving exchange for the customer and a cost saving one for the company.

Starbucks sees mobile as an increasingly important medium: Already 50%  of all logon to its free in-store wi-fi are made via mobile phone… and of its smartphone-carrying customer base, 71% have an iPhone or a Blackberry device.

Full article here: http://mashable.com/2010/10/24/starbucks-card-mobile-new-york/

John & Petra