A research commissioned by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) shows that on average 29% of the 45% of European consumers that noticed mobile advertising,  responded to it. The research also showed that once people have responded to a mobile advert, over a third (39%) continued on to make a purchase.

The nature of the ad format to use does vary by market, with opt in SMS advertising being most effective at soliciting consumer response in France and the UK , whilst wesbite banners performed best in Germany, for example.

We know that people have a personal relationship with their phone, so they do not like to be invaded within that private space. However, and only if the message is relevant, using texts as a form of communication means that we benefit from its reach and how easy it is for consumer to respond, which can provide a high level of response & engagement.

Full article here: http://www.cellular-news.com/story/45771.php