In a recent report commisioned by MMA and Lightspeed Research, it was revealed that 28% of european mobile consumers are expecting to access websites once a week or more using their mobile phone in 2011.

Brits led the way with 36% intending to use mobile web followed by Germany (27%) and France (20%).

Free content was noted as critical for mobile consumption. The report noted “56% of consumers in France and the UK, and 35% in Germany, stating that they would be very unlikely to use websites which charged them a fee”

Other key findings included:

  • News, weather, social networking and mobile search were cited as the sites mobile consumers were most likely to access over the coming year, with maps and directions being the most desired content in the UK and France, and headlines in Germany.
  • On average, 30% of mobile consumers (30% UK, 25% France and 36% Germany) were willing to receive alerts from websites of interest on their mobile phone, with 38% preferring these to be via SMS rather than email.
  • Mobile search engines emerged as the most popular means of accessing websites on the mobile handset in all three countries, followed by bookmarking in the UK and France, and alerts and notifications in Germany.