Research In Motion (RIM) –  the company behind Blackberry Smartphones – have just submitted two patents leading people to believe they are entering the digital out-of-home media business.

The patents are for “roadside and pedestrian adaptive billboards system and related methods”. It focusses on the use of GPS sensors in mobile devices which would determine the speed and density of crowd passing by a billboard. This would in turn allow advertisers to serve the most appropriate message / creative, as discribed below:

When traffic is moving fast and drivers have no time to pay attention to billboards, or there’s a dense crowd on the street so you are distracted and less likely to pay attention, the billboard may just blast a huge logo and slogan of the advertiser at you, to catch any peripheral attention it can get. When traffic slows down in a jam, and you are sitting bored at the wheel waiting for a car in front to move the next few meters, grateful for any distraction, the same billboard will give you a detailed information about the service, prices, benefits, etc”

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