An adMob survey shows that Android and iphone users spend 80 minutes a day using apps. These same users dowload approx 9 new apps a month. At the same time, more and more publishers are pushing apps to their agencies and clients….

However, exactly how successfull are these apps with our clients?

Well, according to an Adobe Systems Survey, 80% of businesses plan to or already have a mobile webiste, and surprisingly a downloadable application only mobile commerce strategy was the preference of only 8% of respondents.

This is quite surprising and certainly pushes us to think about how we can optimize our mobile websites. Here are some points / questions to think about when discussing with your client: 

1/ What mobile phone does our audience use, and what would be their favourite browser? We need to think about the limitations and the most appropriate site layouts to help navigation and minimize drop off rates.

2/ What richer features does a certain browser allow? Do we need to educate our audience on how to use these features?

3/ Will our audience look for the same information on the go as they would at work or at home? Should you really have the same content available on your mobile website?

4/ How can our audience connect easily with our website and share information?

and finally…

5/ Always think about Search, even on mobile

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