A recent article written by Richard Yu for Techcrunch looks into Android on the verge of dominance in the Chinese market.

What was most interesting for me were the factoids:

Number of Mobile Internet Users in China (start of 2010): 233 million
– Number of Mobile Internet Users in China (projected for 2014): 957 million
– Population of USA + EU (2010): roughly 800 million

When you think about Android taking the dominant positon in China, within a global context, you start to realise how much this will tip the scales, in battle of mobile os dominance and the revenue opportunties linked to this, in favour of Google.

Also worth noting is how Google have managed to work around the censorship challenges that have dogged them in this market. By allowing app function like Google search and Gmail to be removed from the OS and replaced by local suppliers (eg baidu for default search),  they open up the potnetial for greater handset OS adoption. This coupled with the power of Android and the fact that it is free makes for a very enticing alternative to the likes of Symbian and Wndows.

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